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About the brand

How Do you say PNKLMN?


It depends. And quite frankly, doesn't matter too entirely much. The easiest way to call it is "Pink Lemon."


PNKLMN's specialty is awareness. Awareness of sustainability: recycling vintage T-Shirts, mending and cleaning them to get them as close to new as possible while creating VERY MINIMAL WASTE! Awareness of individuality: every single shirt is unique, every style is different. And most importantly, awareness of LOVE: each shirt is made by head-designer Siobhan with love and care to ensure quality. Moreover, PNKLMN welcomes all because the fashion industry NEEDS TO CHANGE for the better. Show the fashion industry the LOVE it deserves by loving a little bit on PNKLMN.





You say it like "Shove On."


Owner, Curator, and Designer for PNKLMN.

PNKLMN was born by the creator, Siobhan Britt, out of a God-given idea of combining vintage T-shirts to create a comfortable and stylish way to wear over-sized clothes. Now, PNKLMN is a platform that promotes creation in new ways. 

How do you say siobhan?



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